Brightside Street Party

The wonderful folk in Brightside Road are having a party!

What a party it is too. Most of the street have come out and the couple of houses who weren’t interested in taking part were perfectly supportive of the rest of the street having a good time.

It probably helps that today is the day of the World Cup final. In a few hours time we’ll see whether Germany can keep it together once again. I rather suspect they will.

Lunch at Wagamamas

We stayed at the Solent Hotel and Spa in Southampton last night as a little treat. I’ve stayed at hotels during holidays and trips before but this may be the first time I’ve visited an hotel in its own right.

It’s a lot of fun. We will probably do this again.

We’ve stopped at Wagamamas on the way back and the table places have great pictures of the food. Nicole thought she’d try some before our orders arrived.

Nap time

It’s good to be a little girl. You get made sandwiches and sliced cucumber and daddy shares his ginger beer with you.

Then you pass out in your parents’ bed without a care in the world.