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Apr 2 / Gareth

Easter Eggs


Setting a new record for cute!

Feb 1 / Gareth

New galleries online


I know I am hugely behind still but hey, at least we’re making some progress right.

There are several new galleries up. You can find them under the Gallery menu item above, then just roll down to ‘Family’ and you’ll see them at the top. I’ve ditched the per girl idea. It takes so long it’s prohibitive.

Sep 10 / Gareth


Well well well. A fairly substantial amount of time has passed since the last update. My apologies for that.

So what’s new? Wouldn’t you like to know. read more…

Mar 8 / Gareth

In the works

Things have been a bit quiet of late. Partly for reasons reprehensible but also because the future of the site has been under evaluation. The good news is that the votes have been cast and the decisions have been made. here’s what’s in store. will remain online and will function purely as an online diary for the Newton-Williams family. Each member of the family will have an account and family related shenanigans will be posted here on an ongoing basis. So if you want to read about our exploits or gawp at a gallery then this will be the site for you.

Big Hungry Giant is in the process of getting a facelift. We’ll let you know when it’ll be up and about again, the most important announcement for now is that it won’t be here.

Feb 24 / Gareth

5 Ways to Love a Princess

Feeling whimsy today. Take this as you will.

You see, I’ve had some quite serious problems with my back. About June or July last year I started to get shooting pains in the outside of my calf and across the top of my foot. I have pains like these before. I thought it was the same thing. A little bit of sciatica. I was wrong.

read more…