Today I uploaded some videos we have taken using the aforemention Kodak Zi8. This has quite exhausted me, doing things for the first time seems to always do this. I think it’s all of the learning curves…

Editing video is one of those thankless tasks that consumes prodigous amounts of time and gives you little to show for it until you have developed some considerable proficiency. The reason the above is a link rather than an embedded clip is because I am embarrassed by the wildly fluctuating light levels. I just don’t know what I did. One moment it was fine, the next it looks like someone is switching a set of disco lights on and off erratically with a rusty fader. Continue reading Video

Kodak Zi8

This year my I got my wife a Kodak Zi8 as a combined Christmas and birthday present. As ever I did a fair amount of research before picking anything up and I have not been disappointed! This type of device has been brought into the mainstream by Flip who produced a remarkably cheap and simple video camera for everyday use. These devices are a little larger than a mobile phone. Which is a good thing really as the Iphone 3Gs represents the most serious competition out there. You certainly can’t take a call on a Kodak Zi8! Continue reading Kodak Zi8

What about video? After all everyone else is doing it!

In some ways YouTube and Facebook are two of the most defining cultural features of my generation, those and the war on terror. I am confident that the 20/20 vision of the future will reveal many of the flaws possessed by these things so I won’t gripe here. Instead I wanted to talk about how we have learned more about how to convey information to one another than ever before. 

We have learned to sign, talk, write, correspond, telephone, email, mobile phone, blog, and now vlog too; perhaps even in that approximate order. More importantly the art of deception has spread to the masses; it’s no longer the exclusive realm of the politician and mass media editor. Next time you spend an hour looking for the ideal profile picture you will know that any old truth just won’t do!

Where am I going with this? Well, for fear of finding myself completely out of date, I am moving into the world of streaming video. Here’s my first try.